Video Production for Businesses on A Budget

A picture speaks a thousand words but it does not have to cost thousands of dollars to create. It is possible to find a happy medium between hi-end, hi-budget works of art that cost more than they ever make in revenue generation and no budget videos which lack polish and necessary elements of quality control.

Consider these tips when planning your next video project.

1. Write a script. A script is like the road map to your finished product. It will help you refine your message to a digestible nugget of information, say between 2 and 5 minutes. It will also serve as your “to do list” of elements needed (video to record, photos to take, voice over and music to record and permissions to clear). This prior proper planning ahead of time will save you money in the long run when working with your designer or production team.

2. Keep it simple. Write a clear concise script that educates your audience about your product, services or idea. Plan for simple video that illustrates what is being discussed in your narrative and plan for simple graphics that enhance the message. A clear, concise message in a digestible, 2-5 minute timeframe will leave your audience feeling more connected to you and your product.

3. Everything you need may be right under your nose. You and your staff know your products best. It makes sense that members of your company be featured in your video. Newspaper clippings, graphics, photos and other video clips on hand may all be part of this new edited piece. Refer to your script to see if items already on hand make sense in your new project. This could save you production time and money.

4. Video quality matters. A well-lit, steady, crisp video image is important. A nice head and shoulder shot obeying the rule of 3rds will do for most interview and narrative situations. Avoid lighting pitfalls such as sitting in front of a window or using an uneven lighting source in the video. Use a tripod. No matter how still you think you can stand, the camera will move with every breath you take. This could be enough to ruin an otherwise acceptable video shot.

5. Audio quality matters most. People will be somewhat forgiving of less than stellar video quality. But, viewers will abandon the viewing experience if they cannot hear what you are saying. The way you sound in real life is how you should sound on video. A full body sound like this is achieved through using an appropriate microphone. There are many types of microphones on the market, each suited for a different use. If you are thinking of producing a video yourself, do your research before purchasing a microphone or camera.

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2 responses to “Video Production for Businesses on A Budget

  1. Excellent post. Very helpful. Thanks for the info.

  2. Lorri Hahn

    Hi Shannon -Can’t wait to read more. We plan to do much more with video in the next few years at GPS and your resource will be very valuable!

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