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Color Balance Blues

Greetings All,

As promised in Sunday’s Macro Minute post I am sharing this short 3 minute video on how to adjust for color balance in iPhoto.

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Here’s the Proof: How You Post on Facebook Fan Pages Affects Views

An excellent article on the art and science of posting to Facebook fan pages.  What really struck me is that text based posts tend to be more popular if the comment is coming from you – the author /sharer of the link.  It is not all about the image! So if you are going to share something, it helps to have something to say about it.

I encourage you to read on and follow Jumpset Strategies for more great social media advice.

Here’s the Proof: How You Post on Facebook Fan Pages Affects Views.

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The Art and Science of Getting Good WordPress Support

This a nice write-up that illustrates the troubleshooting steps one can take and how to document those steps when submitting an issue to the WordPress help forum.  Much of the advise can be transferred over to other troubleshooting situations.

The one I like the best is the screen shot.  This is particularly helpful if you are getting any internal error messages on a site or software. It captures the situation accurately and is sharable with anyone you approach for assistance.

Thanks for the writeup Kathryn.

The Art and Science of Getting Good WordPress Support.

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A Macro Minute – Sunsets and the Macro Cat

Greetings readers, bloggers and followers!  I actually photograph other things beside flowers.  I am forever on the hunt for the perfect sunset or cloud formation.  Animals are another favorite.  Cats really are the most zen animal around and if you get a chance to look into their eyes you can see such peace….and real intelligence when they are plotting trouble!

Look for this cat in an upcoming short video sometime on Monday.  I’ll show you how to quickly color balance a photo to remove color casts.


DSC00951 DSC00025 DSC00125

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A Macro Minute – Battle of the Cams

I believe that multi-functional technology is generally over rated when in comes to image creation.  If you want good stills, use a still camera.  If you want good video, use a video camera.  They are built to do their respective functions very well.  Video cameras, on the consumer level, are not meant to take great photos.  The fact that they come with that feature has limited functionality.  I usually advise not to depend on it for superior print quality images.

I put that to the test this week.  I used the still feature on my Sony handheld camcorder to take some macros and see how they fared against the stills from my dedicated Sony still cam.  With macro setting on and in full sunlight, the results were pretty impressive.  See below.

DSC00807 DSC00791 DSC00792 DSC00818 DSC00820

I had taken similar photos closer to dusk with both my video cam and still.  The still camera handled the low light better than the video camera, giving me more usable images to work with.

Even my iPhone under the right conditions garnered some good results.


I still believe in dedicated technology for quality productions.  However, if you set aside the time to really learn the settings on the gear you have and the best conditions they operate under you can develop technique that will allow you to do more than you think you can.

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A Macro Minute – Raging Reds

Gerber Daisy

I find when shooting reds (yellows and deep pinks too) that dropping the exposure helps the image from becoming over-saturated and preserves the detail.  These were shot early on this season.  I am waiting for a new round of flowers.  Deep pink and yellow coming soon.

DSC04732 DSC04731 DSC04642

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A Macro Minute – Spring in Full Swing

On this rainy day here in the Northeast we need a little color.

DSC00042 DSC02611 DSC00652 DSC00492

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