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A Macro Minute – Reflecting on Water

A nice gentle rain can bring a change of perspective to garden foliage.  This photo was taken just after rain fall and before the sun came out in force.


A clear night and calm water can be a canvas for achieving a more artistic effect with sky shots.


With the right lighting conditions and framing of the shot, water take on a diamond in the rough appearance.


All photos were shot using a Nikon D5300. Basic photo enhancement was done using Adobe Photoshop.

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Meditative Drawing by Lavinia Viola

I enjoyed this. No talking, great music and it was relaxing to just scan the patterns she was creating….and anticipate what color she would use next 🙂

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‘Vine’ – What is it and How Should I Use it?

‘Vine’ – What is it and How Should I Use it?.

An interesting article by Salterent about an up and coming app that, at the very least, can keep a brand, person business or idea in front of people’s faces in between major PR efforts.

To really make the most of Vine, I believe it will take some prior planning to make a compelling 6 seconds.  The Dove clip was a cool visual but it needed sound.

Nonetheless, 6 seconds is a lot of time in video and has the potential of making an impact.

Thanks for sharing with us Salterent!

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This is a great post by Jumsetstrategies. Thank you Audrey! I laughed because this kind of how I came to Twitter too. The truth about the Social Media Soap Opera is that no one network can always meet your every need! So have a fling every now and then to see if there is something that better meets your needs.

Jumpset Strategies

Dear Facebook,

We need to talk. I have a confession. This is hard for  me to say, so I’ll just spit it out. I’ve been seeing another social network on the side. Its name is Twitter. I didn’t plan to stray. It just sort of happened.

I will tell you everything, but please, hear me out before jumping to conclusions.

Our relationship started out innocently enough. I met Twitter many years ago, about the same time I met you. I opened an account to see what it was all about. I was not an instant fan. I only visited a couple of times a month. It seemed very random. Few of my friends and acquaintances used it. People followed until I followed back, then unfollowed. There was no commitment as there was on Facebook. This wasn’t the place I wanted to settle down in at that time in my life. I spent the early years of…

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New Year Resolutions – 2013

It seems like a good time to share some ideas about annual tech maintenance.  If New Years doesn’t do it for you, pick a day and make a party of it!  There is never a bad time to get organized.

Online Accounts

  • Cancel the old, unused accounts and change your passwords to the ones you are keeping.
  • Don’t use the same password for all your accounts.  Come up with a naming convention that has a password for shopping sites, one for banking, so on and so forth.
  • Do not keep passwords in your computer or phone.  Paper and pen still have a use in 2013.  They cannot be hacked.


  •  Update your contacts list.
  • Setup up your folders for a more organized New Year. Most email client software like Outlook and Mail let you set rules for incoming mail that automatically filters mail into folders you create.  It is highly customizable, so don’t feel you need to stick to the basic conventions of organizing just by month and year.

Hard Drives

  • Back up your archives to make space in your main drive for new projects.
  • Take a look at your file structure.  Has it been working for you?  Maybe you need to simplify it or need something more elaborate.  Go through your music, photos and even work files and decide how best to organize them –  by the project, year, client or other criteria.
  • Once you settle on a file structure, take your time in organizing your files.  You may come across duplicate files.  Be careful about copying over a file or deleting it.  Once it is gone you cannot get it back.  Consider a naming convention for different versions of files.
  • After organizing your main drive, make a plan to back it up regularly.

Online Bookmarks

This may be one of the easiest things to get out of control in terms of organization.  I am a great one for stumbling across a site and just adding it to bookmarks without putting it in a category.  Usually its because I come across something in an article or email, click on it and say, “Cool, I’ll check this out when I have more time.”

Web browser bookmarks can be organized a lot like your email or hard drive.  They have pre-determined folders, but you can easily make folders and subfolders to suit your needs.  Spend a little time with your favorite browser and learn what is available for bookmarking.  Find out if you can sync your bookmarks to your mobile device.  I sync mine to my iPhone for easy access on the road.

Clean Up the Shop

I do this at least twice a year!  For all the talk of wireless technology I have more batteries, charging cables and accessories than draw space.  A lot of it goes to my camera, but when you need to grab something on the go its better not to rummage.  I try to keep a draw for chargers, one for USB cables, one for firewire (which will likely be obsolete at some point) and another for all my camera accessories.  I have other storage set aside for printer ink, office supplies and blank media.  The New Year is a great time re-assess organization for the year ahead, create your wish list and plan for the acquisition of more supplies.

It is also a great time to reflect on your workflow from the past year and make adjustments for the coming year.  What technology did you use most?  Was it readily accessible to you and easy to setup?  If not, why not?  Time spent on this now will give you time back in the long run with a more efficient workflow.

Now that the holiday rush is behind us we have two months of dark, cold winter to get through (at least here in the North East).  This is a great opportunity to wade through some of these organization tasks so you can move on to more interesting things in the better weather.

Wishing you all the best for a New Year filled with fun new projects!

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A great post by Jumpset strategies. If you are not using social media this post outlines several incentives for making it your New Years resolution to dip the pinky toe in to building your online presence.

Jumpset Strategies

customer service someecards

Your customers use social media and they aren’t afraid to use it. They use it when they’re happy and use it even more when they’re upset. Even businesses opting not to take part in social media are not immune to negative reviews posted by unhappy customers via review sites and social media networks.

The best social media strategy will do nothing to improve your sales and reputation unless it’s used to proactively enhance customer experience. Keep your customers happy by delivering great products, treating customers well, and by engaging them via the social media networks where the spend their screen time.

Remember, all customers basically the same:

  • They want good products that deliver on promises.
  • They want products that solve their problems.
  • They want products at fair prices.
  • They have choices and vote with their dollars.
  • They want to be treated respectfully.
  • They will tell others when they are unhappy.
  • They want…

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