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Digital Marketing on a Budget

Do not let a tight budget keep you from rolling out a digital marketing plan.  In the digital information age and a lousy economy constant, consistent communication is key.  You don’t need the best gear to accomplish this.  You can do more than you think with consumer level gear.  Technique and planning is what matters most.

Check out this video on basic photo editing with iPhoto.  As described, the photo was taken with a point and shoot camera on macro setting.  Care was taken to make sure there was sufficient lighting, though not at any great expense.  The background used was a basic white poster board and white paper.

A good practice to get into is to photograph everything on the highest quality setting your camera will allow.  It is easier to scale down a large image for web and video than to try to scale up a lower quality image for print.  It also gives you more flexibility in cropping an image and still maintain print quality size.

Mastering your marketing media on a budget is all about keeping your options open.  With that in mind I leave you with one last piece of advice: do not edit your original photo.  Make a backup and edit the copy.  That way you can go back to the original and repurpose it more easily.

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