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A great post by Jumpset strategies. If you are not using social media this post outlines several incentives for making it your New Years resolution to dip the pinky toe in to building your online presence.

Jumpset Strategies

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Your customers use social media and they aren’t afraid to use it. They use it when they’re happy and use it even more when they’re upset. Even businesses opting not to take part in social media are not immune to negative reviews posted by unhappy customers via review sites and social media networks.

The best social media strategy will do nothing to improve your sales and reputation unless it’s used to proactively enhance customer experience. Keep your customers happy by delivering great products, treating customers well, and by engaging them via the social media networks where the spend their screen time.

Remember, all customers basically the same:

  • They want good products that deliver on promises.
  • They want products that solve their problems.
  • They want products at fair prices.
  • They have choices and vote with their dollars.
  • They want to be treated respectfully.
  • They will tell others when they are unhappy.
  • They want…

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