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A Macro Minute – Local Scenery

Some of the most wonderful scenery can be found in our own backyard, if we know where to look.

In my home town, there is a small stretch of public land overlooking the marshes that is home to dozens of little vignettes that were probably seen once or twice in the minds eye when imagining places far away as described in a fairy tale.

When the author describes a clearing in the woods where soft grass grows, fed by a small pond, this scene is pretty close to what I picture.


Although this is the scene one sees as they exit the property and enter back  into the real world, it is one that reminds me of home, a warm welcome and what I would expect to find in any cottage ever describe in a childhood story.


This scene is a legend unto it’s self in my home town.  Grass Island is a piece of land that gives the visual perception of being an island, though there is a thin strand connection to the mainland.  One can walk to it.  The shack on Grass Island is the true land mark.  Never inhabited, rustic in appearance and sturdy enough to withstand tides and storms over the decades, it is a sought after image for photographers and painters alike.


All one needs to do is look up into the sky, where ever they are and at just the right time, to see the warm array of color that comes at the end of the day.  Location, and what stands up against this scene in the sky, are what adds texture to the overall picture.

Sunset copy

_DSC0088_DSC0014 (1)dsc0281.jpg

Some scenes are elements that are isolated from the whole.  Beauty unto themselves, something recognized with the naked eye but captured, in perpetuity, only by the lens.

_DSC0137   Iris_Blue-2hydrangea-1.jpg



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A Macro Minute – The Red, White and Blues of Summer

Happy 4th of July everyone.




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A Macro Minute – Raging Reds

Gerber Daisy

I find when shooting reds (yellows and deep pinks too) that dropping the exposure helps the image from becoming over-saturated and preserves the detail.  These were shot early on this season.  I am waiting for a new round of flowers.  Deep pink and yellow coming soon.

DSC04732 DSC04731 DSC04642

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A Macro Minute – Spring in Full Swing

On this rainy day here in the Northeast we need a little color.

DSC00042 DSC02611 DSC00652 DSC00492

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A Macro Minute – A Kaleidoscope of Spring

When I am not writing blogs, consulting on projects or producing media I am usually out in the garden with the flowers.  I love the infinite amount of colors and textures nature provides and how within 24 hours the landscape can change in subtle ways as things go about their natural life cycle.

Macro photography allows me to appreciate the truly fine details of what mother nature creates in patterns and colors and layers.  So from time to time I’ll take a break from writing and share with you some of the things I enjoy seeing in a Macro Minute.

DSC05009 DSC04992 DSC05098

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