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Take Great Holiday Photos

Happy Holidays from Digital Design Digest!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there is much to do so I will keep this short!  I just wanted to share a few quick tips for taking great holiday photos.

  1. Avoid shooting into a light source, if you can.  Shooting into a window or having a very bright light behind the subject can cause them to appear more as a silhouette in a photo.  Keep light sources more to the side or in front of the subject to illuminate faces.
  2. Use the highest quality image setting your camera allows.  Don’t drop it down to a lesser quality.  Your initial goal may be to post these on a social media site, but you could end up with a few gems that are print worthy for framing.  Enlarging smaller images does not garner good results.  It is better to reduce and image’s size to maintain crispness.
  3. Take your time and go for candid shots. These are what really capture the moments of the holidays.
  4. Photograph everything.  The table, the turkey, the array of sides.  It could make a nice opening montage to a holiday video or slideshow.
  5. Be respectful of your subjects.  Not everyone wants their photo broadcast on social media or to be the image on a personal greeting card.  This can be personal or work related but it should be respected.  You know your group.  Just keep an open dialogue about your intentions with the photos, especially with any new members to your group.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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