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Sunsets and Silhouettes

The most vibrant images can often times be images that play off light and dark and only display a handful of colors on the spectrum.

Capturing sunsets is a great way to experiment with natural light and the way it plays in various landscapes.

Sunsets on a backdrop of well formed clouds can be very dramatic.

If you photograph at the right time of day and look at ordinary things with a creative eye you can create some interesting scenes.

Generally speaking I have found that an hour before the sun goes down is the best time to photograph skies like the ones shown above.  The light is not as intense so glare is limited.  It also allows for more options in manually setting your camera for exposure.

I primarily use manual focus, except on images where the sun is directly in the shot.  Then I put the camera on auto focus, take a best guess at where I should start for settings and then aim the camera at the sun without looking through the lens.  After I take the shot I quickly review and adjust my settings and take another round of photos…slightly adjusting the position of my camera in the hopes one or two of the shots end up with decent framing.

If you think the fun ends when the sun goes down you are mistaken.  Keep an extra battery charged for the late show with our other favorite light source…the moon.



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A Macro Minute – A Kaleidoscope of Spring

When I am not writing blogs, consulting on projects or producing media I am usually out in the garden with the flowers.  I love the infinite amount of colors and textures nature provides and how within 24 hours the landscape can change in subtle ways as things go about their natural life cycle.

Macro photography allows me to appreciate the truly fine details of what mother nature creates in patterns and colors and layers.  So from time to time I’ll take a break from writing and share with you some of the things I enjoy seeing in a Macro Minute.

DSC05009 DSC04992 DSC05098

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